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Åsnen National Park

Get away from the stress of everyday life – a wonder for body and soul. Let us help plan your national park visit by foot, bike or canoe.

The denomination “national park” is one of the most honorable decorations a wildlife park or conservation area can receive. Åsnen National Park is a diamond amongst our nature conservation areas. It spans over 19 square kilometers, of which 75% is open water and islands. Around the National Park are many other wildlife parks. We who live around the National Park are very proud over our nature and we always feel secure in recommending and presenting Åsnen National Park to our guests – because we can always keep what we promise.


The main entry is by Bjurkärr, which is also where you’ll find all of the information and infrastructure you may require. Grilling areas and firewood is always available. Among the many short hikes you can go on, the longest one is the 8 kilometer beach trail.
The Trollberget entry located on the west side of Åsnen has accomodation available as nature camping. You can also go on many hikes from here. The shortest one being 2,6 kilometers long. This hike will give you a sample of all four types of nature found in Sweden. Another hiking trail takes you to Ramnaberg, which is the highest vantage point in Åsnen. All of the material found in the buildings of the National Park is oak, in fact, oak forests are one of the reasons Åsnen has a National Park! The hiking trails that go right through wildwoods are crooked and well synchronised with nature.

The National Park by foot, bike or sea.

Like our biking trail “Åsnen around”, Åsnens canoe trail takes you around Trollberget. Those that travel by car and are staying at Hotel Åsnen are recommended to park their cars in Torne. From there, bike south down along the west side of Åsnen past Trollberget, ahead to Gottåsa and Ålshult and lastly down to Hotel Åsnen. Here you may spend the night, and possibly treat yourself to dinner at the restaurant, and conclude the evening at our bathing house. The next morning, continue by bike to the Urshult-Cirkön main entry to the National Park in Bjurkärr-Torne.

The “Åsnen around”-trail is 62 kilometers long and is comfortably travelled over 2 days.
For those who rent a bike and begin the trail from Hotel Åsnen, the only difference is the accommodation. Instead of spending the night at Hotel Åsnen, you may spend the night camping or in a cabin at Torne Camping.

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