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The Food

Our food is our pride here at Blidingsholm

The chef cooks dishes from throughout Småland from scratch. The menu is determined by season and by the local supply of fresh commodities. Dishes served with locally caught fish or locally hunted wildlife are a natural occurence here. We invite our conference guests to the table at our log house-restaurant.

Fresh produce, game meat, and old family recipes – all from scratch

Food is close to our heart. With great interest and inspiration from recipes that has been passed down the family since the 1800s, we are proud to say that our Småland-themed kitchen is resting on a genuine foundation.

The raw materials of the season determines the menu. Our goal is to let the really genuine, traditional tastes surprise in a modern take, elegantly presented. Enjoying the kitchen of Småland should be an experience for all your senses, and give you precious memories to bring home. We often use our own stock of game meat, fresh fish, local berries, vegetables and spices in everything we cook. Our vegetables are almost entirely locally produced by our skillful neighbours.

Seasonally determined menu

This way we can always offer locally produced food of highest quality.

Love & fresh food – our winning concept

The most important about cooking to our guests at blidingsholm is to cook the food with both passion and good raw materials. The best raw materials is of course the most fresh that the season can offer. there is no permanent menu because of that.

The meny is literally what is hunted or fished or made nearby, so the menu is controlled by what the nature has to offer.

We stand by our småländska cooking and farming traditions, at least four generations of skilled chefs have left their own genuine dishes to bildingsholms kök. the house apple cake, astrids isterband, Smedens kroppkakor and nonetheless Mrs almas cheesecake, is what you find at our table, just next to the wild berries and mushrooms. we would love to discuss the season and its opportunities with you when you plan on visiting us!